Cornwall Slip and Slide Disclaimer.

Participants assume all risks of injury or harm that may occur while using the Cornwall Slip and Slide.

It is important to follow all safety guidelines and instructions provided by staff including proper use of the equipment.

Cornwall Slip and Slide and staff cannot accept responsibility for any injuries, damages or losses that may result from personal negligence while using the Slip and Slide.

By participating in Cornwall Slip and Slide, you agree to the following:

  • You agree to follow all safety rules and instructions from staff in force at all times.
  • You agree to not behave in an unruly or foolish manner that may cause potential harm to yourself or others.
  • Make sure the slide is clear before you start sliding.
  • Only one person per body board.
  • A max of only 2 people in the 2 person rings at any one time.
  • Do not stand while sliding.
  • Once stopped, exit the slide carefully and promptly. The slide is slippy!
  • Do not cross lanes on the Slip and Slide.
  • Make sure you leave the splash pool promptly.
  • All children must be supervised.
  • All children under 4 must be accompanied at all times.
  • No running on the slide at any time.
  • Please remove all glasses, jewellery and footwear.
  • Take care when climbing the steps and respect other users and staff at the Slip and Slide.
• You declare that you have not consumed any alcohol or prohibited substances prior to sliding.

I am physically fit and able to take the exertion involved in using the Slip and Slide and

I am not suffering from high blood pressure, heart problems, epilepsy, back or neck problems, or pregnant.

I will comply with the rules and use all equipment as instructed and not so as to injure myself or hurt others.